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221 Daly Ave
San Luis Obispo, CA, 93405
United States

(805) 544-2357



Give Online
You can do a one time gift or set up a regular gift and maintain it yourself at any time--making whatever changes you might feel necessary.  You can trade off different credit cards, update when a card expires and you receive a new one or change the amount you want to donate.  You can designate what you want your gift to go to--plate, special donation, AMA, Family Fund etc.  Access is through your email address.

Contribution Envelopes
Parish life requires the generous give of our time, talents and resources. An easy way to remember to give financially is to use contribution envelopes.  A boxed set of envelopes is available for your weekly contributions from the parish office.

Electronic Funds Transfer EFT
An even easier way to give to the parish is via secure electronic funds transfer (EFT) of an authorized payment from your checking or credit card account to the parish account. Set it up once, and your contributions will be made automatically. Contact the office at 805-544.2357 or download the EFT Registration form by clicking here.